Women’s Waterproof Breathable Jacket

Color: Blue Heron
Style: A6AD9DJ0
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Conquer the wet weather with a jacket that features or most advanced waterproofing – a combination of DryVent™ and TimberDry™ ECO. The dual-layer technology of DryVent™ features a woven outer layer that repels the wettest conditions Mother Nature can muster. Inside, a microporous layer further seals the jacket while channeling water vapor out, so you stay dry and comfortable. To bolster this technology, TimberDry™ ECO adds an additional waterproof membrane featuring natural properties sourced from plants and then the entire jacket is fully seam-sealed. The result is a jacket that looks great and performs even better.


  • DryVent™
    DryVent™ is a 2-layer waterproof, breathable technology. A knit or woven outer layer on the outside repels anything Mother nature can throw at you. While a coated, microporous layer on the inside seals the garment and channels water vapor to the outside before you even know it is there.
  • Recycled Nylon
    Recycled Nylon
    •Discarded nylon is recycled into new material •Recycling nylon prevents additional petro-chemical waste from entering landfills or incineration, which releases toxic emissions into the atmosphere •Our recycled nylon fabric is 100% recycled
  • Recycled Cotton
    Our recycled cotton is repurposed from post-industrial cotton that would have otherwise gone to waste in landfills. By using recycled cotton, water and energy consumption are reduced in comparison to the use of virgin cotton materials in our garments.
  • Waterproof Tier 3
    Waterproof Tier 3
    NATURALLY WATERPROOF. TimberDry™ Eco waterproof technology takes one of our most eco-innovative technologies and makes it better. We've moved away from a typical petroleum-based membrane to this bio-based membrane made from natural castor oil. This eco-conscious material creates a waterproof layer of protection that helps lessen our impact on Nature compared to traditional waterproof membranes.