Men’s Durable Water Repellent 2-In-1 Overshirt

Color: Cowhide
Style: A6RDHDH9
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Throw it on and go – everything is better outdoors with friends and this multi-purpose overshirt is perfect for any activity. The vibe is rugged, strong, and always on point, and the 100% recycled nylon fabric gives old materials a second chance. An internal chest pocket keeps valuables out of sight, while 2 side pockets offer plenty of storage mixed with utility style.


  • Recycled Nylon
    Recycled Nylon
    •Discarded nylon is recycled into new material •Recycling nylon prevents additional petro-chemical waste from entering landfills or incineration, which releases toxic emissions into the atmosphere •Our recycled nylon fabric is 100% recycled
  • Recycled Cotton
    Our recycled cotton is repurposed from post-industrial cotton that would have otherwise gone to waste in landfills. By using recycled cotton, water and energy consumption are reduced in comparison to the use of virgin cotton materials in our garments.
  • Waterproof Tier 1
    Waterproof Tier 1
    Durable water repellent treated fabric.